Monday, July 13, 2009

Archiver's Trip

Had a great day - went to Archiver's scrapbook store (about an hour away from where I live). I love going there!! Went with my husband, who made a tee time as we were on the turnpike. He dropped me off at the store and said, "Can you hurry?"
I couldn't believe it!! I was planning on an hour (or more!) - time to leisurely look around. Nope - so I had to power shop!!
I managed to grab quite a bit, but felt so rushed. They always have such good deals - the $1.99 Hot Spot, which is bins and bins of bargains. Plus a sale area. Plus all of the regular good stuff.

I did get some beautiful Bo Bunny paper! Their papers have such soft, pretty color combinations. But I also have some Bo Bunny paper that will be perfect for a Rocco layout. It's more bright and colorful and I know just what photo I am going to use....

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Anonymous said...

sometimes i have to do a "power trip" too. i wish i could stay for a long time and look around.

when i went to archiver's when i was visiting the area, i totally raided the bargain bins. they've always got great deals there!

have a great day.