Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter egg dye cups and Tags, too!!

Egg dye cups make great little gifts when planted with small herbs. We used water with our dye tablets (some say to use vinegar or lemon juice) and then rinsed the containers out well. The herbs will stay in these until they get bigger and are ready to plant in the herb garden. I used some letter stickers I had to mark the cups with the names of the herbs.
My sister and I dyed tags with the egg dye. We had lots of small white and manila tags just lying around. This was a technique I learned from Michelle Ward’s blog. It was fun and we ended up with some beautiful, spring-colored tags!!


Marcie said...

What a great idea with the tags, wish I would have thought of that! Maybe next year!

Noreen Smith said...

LOVE those tags and the little letters on the dye cups are super cute!