Sunday, September 19, 2010

Clip it Up!

My second post for Clip It Up -

This post will focus on the Swinging Wall Arm. This is a great organizing tool with many uses!
I put mine up in my craft room to hold new scrapbook items that I buy. I like to look at my purchases and not just put them in a drawer. New purchases are very inspiring and should be displayed! Clip your new goodies up to get your creative juices flowing!!

New product from a recent shopping trip!

There are so many items that fit nicely on the Swinging Wall Arm, such as rub-ons:


and even dog clothes!

Here to model some of her outfits, my chihuahua, Chiquita!

There are many more ways to use the Swinging Wall Arm - how about in your kitchen to hold coupons, recipes and a shopping list each week?

Or in the bathroom for hair accessories? You could make a bag of ponytails, one for hair clips, one for hair ribbons, one for bobby pins, etc.

In the office area, you could make bags for postage stamps, envelopes, thank you cards, and even clip up the weekly bills to be paid.

I love the Clip It Up Swinging Wall Arm and you will too!!!


Faye Marie said...

I love the organization!!! But the best part was Chiquita!!!!!

michelle ward said...

ooooo - i need a whole wall of these. *adds to to-do list*